Thank You

Thank you.
Thank you for your support, your time, your donations.  Thank you for welcoming us into your homes, and most importantly, thank you for believing in this campaign's vision for the Upper West Side.  While the results may not have been in our favor, I am more than confident that we added substantially to the conversation and that our ideas, positions and policies will not be swept aside so easily.
What made this effort even more remarkable was the tireless support and dedication from our campaign team. They made thousands of phone calls, sent thousands of letters and handed out thousands of flyers all while meeting and listening to the issues and interests of those who call this neighborhood home.  I continue to be humbled by the commitment of these incredible young people, and I am forever grateful for their support.

I want to also congratulate Democratic Nominee Helen Rosenthal. She is a dedicated member of the community, and I encourage Upper West Siders to get involved to bring her to victory this November. 

This has been an incredible journey. One which Val and I will not soon forget.  We have forged a true and binding relationship with this community and, I am happy to say, developed new friendships with people we'd never have met.
I have never been prouder to be a New Yorker, and know that I will never stop fighting for our community, my home, The Upper West Side.

 Sincerest regards,