Lessons Learned from the UWS



12 Things Ken Learned on the Streets In 12 Months

12. On hot days, Zabar's frozen Yogurt really does the trick to cool you down.

11. Piccolo Cafe's espresso is a life saver when I need a mid afternoon pick me up.

10. If you Tweet it, they will come. Thanks to everyone who just showed up to help, brought me coffee and offered encouragement! 

9. Val loves when I stand near Citarella in the evenings because I bring home her favorite fresh Pasta and Turkey Chili sauce for dinner.

8. Don't forget to wear gloves when campaigning in the winter- especially if you decide to stand outside everyday in January! 

7. Word to the wise- don't wear nice khaki pants when hanging out with neighbors at the 87th Street Dog Run. 

6. SPF 30 is a must at 71st and Broadway. There's absolutely no shade, anywhere. 

5. Time flies! The twin infants I met at 86th and Broadway who were in a stroller last year are now walking and talking. 

4. My giant "Vote for Ken" sign is like a sail when carrying it down Broadway

3. Exercise extreme caution when standing on 78th/Columbus at 8:40am on a school day-- PS 87 Parents hate to be late! 

2. My favorite Instragram filter is X-Pro II. 

1. If I need a job in the future,  I am sure the AM New York people who pass out newspapers in the morning will hire me!


Ken's been campaigning on the streets of the Upper West Side since last July. He's even become a local fixture at neighborhood subway stations and diners. You see him every where! It's a testament to the fact that he is the the hardest working candidate out there.  

Now, it's your turn to join Ken on his road to victory on September 10th.Our team has been working hard since day one, but this is the final push- and we need you. Ken has put in over a year on the streets - can you help him with one hour?

Sign up now and tell your friends. With your help we can bring new energy and leadership to City Hall and shock the political establishment on the West Side.


We have a great office at 216 W. 104th Street, and we're open 7 days a week! 
We're doing phone banking, visibility, office work and outreach everyday! 
Come by, sign up, and help out! Contact mediha@ken2013.com for more info.