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Thank You

Thank you.
Thank you for your support, your time, your donations.  Thank you for welcoming us into your homes, and most importantly, thank you for believing in this campaign's vision for the Upper West Side.  While the results may not have been in our favor, I am more than confident that we added substantially to the conversation and that our ideas, positions and policies will not be swept aside so easily.
What made this effort even more remarkable was the tireless support and dedication from our campaign team. They made thousands of phone calls, sent thousands of letters and handed out thousands of flyers all while meeting and listening to the issues and interests of those who call this neighborhood home.  I continue to be humbled by the commitment of these incredible young people, and I am forever grateful for their support.

I want to also congratulate Democratic Nominee Helen Rosenthal. She is a dedicated member of the community, and I encourage Upper West Siders to get involved to bring her to victory this November. 

This has been an incredible journey. One which Val and I will not soon forget.  We have forged a true and binding relationship with this community and, I am happy to say, developed new friendships with people we'd never have met.
I have never been prouder to be a New Yorker, and know that I will never stop fighting for our community, my home, The Upper West Side.

 Sincerest regards,



Join us on Election Night to watch this results of the NYC Primary Election!

Our volunteers, interns and donors made this campaign possible. 
We want to celebrate all of our hard work and accomplishments on this momentous night! 

Polls close at 9pm on Sept 10th, but we will be working hard up to that point to make sure every voter gets out to vote for Ken on Election Day. Come early, help out, then stick around to watch the results. 

COLUMBUS 72 ( 246 Columbus Ave.) 

Volunteer Hours
ALL DAY 7am-9pm

Watch Party
8:30pm- 12am
Cash Bar. Open to All Ages. 

If you want to help with a Volunteer Shift, please sign up here: http://tinyurl.com/nrjgtlh

NYC Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association Endorses Ken Biberaj (CD6)


The NYC Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association has endorsed Ken Biberaj for City Council in the 6th District covering Clinton and the Upper West Side. 

Patrick J. Lynch, President of the PBA stated “I am very impressed by Ken's commitment to the issues important to our police officers and to keeping our city safe. With a new administration and new laws set to take effect, there is a lot of uncertainty about public safety in the months ahead. Ken has the energy, vision, and judgment to keep New York City moving forward, and that is why the PBA is proud to endorse him for City Council."

The endorsement event took place at the Amsterdam Houses on West 63rd, and Jackie Rowe-Adams from Harlem Mothers Save was a guest of honor. 

NY League of Conservation Voters Endorses Ken Biberaj



The New York League of Conservation Voters endorsed Ken Biberaj for City Council. NYLCV announced its endorsement in person alongside the Biberaj campaign in an event on August 15th in Riverside Park and 74th Street, an area in Flood Zone 1, constantly threatened by rising sea levels. Biberaj will highlighted Preparing for Climate Change, #12 of “Ken’s 25 New Ideas For the Upper West Side,” a long-term vision to prepare the city for the effects of climate change in line with Mayor Bloomberg’s ‘PlaNYC’ proposal.  

“Ken Biberaj understands the issues that District 6 and all of New York City face and will do his best to improve environmental circumstances for all New Yorkers,” said NYLCV President Marcia Bystryn. “His interests reflect those that are best for the environmental health of his district and his election is a positive step forward for the Upper West Side.”

“I am honored the New York League of Conservation Voters has endorsed me for the 6th City Council District,” said Mr. Biberaj in a statement. “I’m running to bring new leadership and ideas to the City Council with a renewed focus on environmental issues that affect all New Yorkers. As a councilman, I will work to fortify the city’s infrastructure for rising sea levels and future storms. Working in concert with the League, my neighbors on the Upper West Side, we can make a difference on important environmental issues facing all New Yorkers.”

New Energy, New Ideas: Ken Biberaj For UWS City Council


 Ken has worked hard over the last year and a half to meet Upper West Siders and talk about the challenges that impact our neighborhood. He's been at subway stops, grocery stores, and met people in their homes to have conversations about what solutions are needed for the future. His desire to improve the quality of life, protect our neighborhood's values, and invest in the future of our community will guide him in the city council.

Now it's your turn to help bring Ken's energy, ideas and perspective to City Hall.

Vote for Ken Biberaj on Sept. 10th.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ken2013

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kenbiberaj

Lessons Learned from the UWS



12 Things Ken Learned on the Streets In 12 Months

12. On hot days, Zabar's frozen Yogurt really does the trick to cool you down.

11. Piccolo Cafe's espresso is a life saver when I need a mid afternoon pick me up.

10. If you Tweet it, they will come. Thanks to everyone who just showed up to help, brought me coffee and offered encouragement! 

9. Val loves when I stand near Citarella in the evenings because I bring home her favorite fresh Pasta and Turkey Chili sauce for dinner.

8. Don't forget to wear gloves when campaigning in the winter- especially if you decide to stand outside everyday in January! 

7. Word to the wise- don't wear nice khaki pants when hanging out with neighbors at the 87th Street Dog Run. 

6. SPF 30 is a must at 71st and Broadway. There's absolutely no shade, anywhere. 

5. Time flies! The twin infants I met at 86th and Broadway who were in a stroller last year are now walking and talking. 

4. My giant "Vote for Ken" sign is like a sail when carrying it down Broadway

3. Exercise extreme caution when standing on 78th/Columbus at 8:40am on a school day-- PS 87 Parents hate to be late! 

2. My favorite Instragram filter is X-Pro II. 

1. If I need a job in the future,  I am sure the AM New York people who pass out newspapers in the morning will hire me!


Ken's been campaigning on the streets of the Upper West Side since last July. He's even become a local fixture at neighborhood subway stations and diners. You see him every where! It's a testament to the fact that he is the the hardest working candidate out there.  

Now, it's your turn to join Ken on his road to victory on September 10th.Our team has been working hard since day one, but this is the final push- and we need you. Ken has put in over a year on the streets - can you help him with one hour?

Sign up now and tell your friends. With your help we can bring new energy and leadership to City Hall and shock the political establishment on the West Side.


We have a great office at 216 W. 104th Street, and we're open 7 days a week! 
We're doing phone banking, visibility, office work and outreach everyday! 
Come by, sign up, and help out! Contact mediha@ken2013.com for more info. 

Ken Biberaj Applauds Decision To Reject West 95th Street Homeless Shelter


“For the last year, I have stood side by side with our neighbors in the West 90’s as we fought against a policy that was wrong for our Upper West Side community, the homeless, and the City.  I am proud today has finally come. I applaud Comptroller Liu’s decision to reject the contract between Aguila, Inc and the Department of Homeless Services to operate homeless shelters on West 95th St. If elected to the City Council, I will continue to fight to bring new energy and attention to the issues that impact the lives of all Upper West Siders. I want to commend Aaron Biller and Neighborhood in 90’s for their hard work over the last year to keep this issue at the forefront," stated Ken Biberaj. 


Ken has been on the forefront of this issue, urging the Comptroller to reject the contract after uncovering the abusive policies and lack of transparency in this deal.